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On the Art of a Trade

Note: This profile by Chris McMahon originally appeared in the March 2009 issue of Futures Magazine. Link to original @ Futures Magazine Before Jason Alan Jankovsky became a forex trader, he traded Chicago Big Board Corn, calling his orders in to his broker, but his trading didn't really take off until he began to understand the relationship between buyers and sellers. When his broker explained the concept of short selling, it dawned on him that he could make money as the market rose or fell.  "That was a huge stepping stone to becoming a full-time trader because then every market opportunity became my market opportunity." Jankovsky was hooked. He became a registered series three broker in 1987, trading the market of the moment, switching from grains, to oil or gold. And in the days before electronic trading, it would take days or weeks for the market to make a move for him or against him.