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Dear Microsoft, we're through.

This has been a long time coming, so don't act too surprised. If you remember, and I know your memory is selective, we've been through this before. First there was the disaster that was Windows '98, then the spiteful Millennium Edition and then the, what six? different versions of XP? I won't even bother talking about Vista, except to say that if anyone ever treats my parents like that again I'm gonna personally put some hurt on them; and yeah, I am talking to you. That crap about not being compatible with Linksys router is bull; whoever heard of such a thing? An operating system that's incompatible with a router. That's totally weak. And you have the nerve to charge $125 for the 'upgrade' after the mess you created? Gimme' a break. I sat through your tutorials, and while I could watch Latika for hours, and even though she says all the right things, it's a little bit late. I mean, respecting your customer base, creating products that a